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Shattered Halos Author - Mr. William L. Gibson

I was born May 1st 1973 to Eckle & Diana Gibson at Suburban Hospital in Maryland - US. I am the second out of nine siblings, am married to Sylvia Gibson, and, have one child, my son Alexavier.

My academic career includes being recognized as a prodigy from early on, excelling the most in the creative/visual arts. I explored this recognition as an avenue of opportunity during my early academic career leading up to my completing two years of Advanced Placement Studio Arts during my High School career. I also explored my artistic capabilities professionally for a time as a freelance custom tattoo designer, sculptor, painter and much more... including my private endeavors to work on developing the many facets of the Shattered Halos Universe and Media Outlet Series'.

   I've always had an acute interest in architectural and mechanical engineering, applied physics, chemistry and drafting design with a focus on power system designs, life support system designs, independently sustainable habitat designs and communications technology processes and equipment designs. My interests were born from my desire to bring about better ways to provide the vital and fundamental resources that humanity requires to survive and thrive in the modern and future worlds.

   A quote I often use to convey the escential Ideal behind my endeavors "The only permanently sustainable habitat for human life is a mobile celestial one." was, and still is, my mantra to keep me inspired to develop my company RFCINCo more. Since the age of twelve years, I've been working on a variety of product designs, service capabilities and practical organizational constructs, ment to reinforce the growth and development of human kind's off-world markets, in order to better serve this purpose.

   My interests had also led me to undertake two years of Advanced Placement Auto Mechanics while in my later years of High School, and, encouraged me to carry on with my academic studies into Engineering Design with a focus on Applied Astrophysics during my college years at the University of North Texas. Though -the many hardships of my home-life over the years had made it difficult for me to maintain my focus on my academic studies- my determination to design and build the myriad of products and services I'd always intended to bring to the marketplace through RFCINCo has never wavered.

   I've also spent much of my time exploring as many aspects of business development & management as I could. This was, and continues to be, in the effort to better prepare myself for adequately running RFCINCo. From the age of sixteen years old -I've primarily maintained management positions at most of the jobs I've held throughout my life. I've always approached every job with a general focus on determining the means to refine the daily operations of every venture I could find employment with. I've always excelled at seeing the right details about the way a business works day to day to find easy ways to improve the stability of the business and expand the profitability of each venture by an average of 3k a week. This interest had led me to undertake two years of work study courses during the last of my High School career with business accounting and finance being another focus of my interests during that time. this later led my into adopting the Business Administration program at the University of North Texas as a part of the double degree program I had hoped to complete during my time there.

Mr. Gibson's Other Endeavors:

RFCINCo: His SP private space development company from which he endeavors to produce and provide a myriad of real world off-world infrastructure support products and services -to help humanity expand and secure their capabilities to tap into the plethora of civil & commercial opportunities that resides off-Earth.

The Off-world Habitation & Commerce Group: A private non-for-profit organization developed, and maintained, by Mr. Gibson -to expand awareness of all of humanity's endeavors to provide the world with sustainable off-world habitation & commerce development opportunities.

Hopstep Studio: In partnership with Mrs. Sylvia T. Gibson and Bane J. Cook -Mr. & Mrs. Gibson established this for-profit endeavor to support the local contingent of espiring independant arts & entertainment professionals, small businesses and organizations with website development & management, focused networking, virtual merchandising, and a variety of media production services. Their collective intent with the Hopstep Studio services is -to provide local aspiring artists and entertainers with the means to affordably expand there market exposure, and financial sustainability, with help from a comprehensive series of free and low-cost customizable marketing & advertising tools such as what the Hopstep Studio service set provides.