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Welcome to the Shattered Halos Universe Online

The "Shattered Halos" series is an epic story that has been in development for over 25 years by William L. Gibson as an in depth exploration into the potential effects of the pendulum of societal pressures can have on our perspectives towards determining who humanity is, where we came from and where we may end up.

The story's timeline spans billions of years reaching back to the origins of "our" universe delving into the depths of humanity's potentials in the far-reaching expanse of all space-time.

The Shattered Halos series begins with the first installment "Shattered Halos: Origins" which, lays the foundations of the SH-verse. "Origins" provides the source cannon for the main story line which, focuses in on the struggles of several generations of the Aeridoshi Clan. As members of The New Palan Order, they're tasked with the duty to police the evolutionary developments of all life on Earth.

With "Origins" -William L. Gibson introduces The Orien Conclave (a collective body of thousands of sentient species that have called the galactic cluster surrounding the Orion Nebulae their home since the original "Palan Order" gave rise to their existence) and defines the terms of their struggles to determine a clear path of indefinite and appreciable sustainability for all of the life of the universe from the impending diffusion of all matter at "the end" of existence. Taking place among the backdrop of an ensuing galactic cluster war between the Orien Conclave and an oppressive militant species called the Chrizani. The Chrizani seek nothing less than to claim supreme rule over all that exists while enslaving any and all weaker "non-viable" lifeforms for their own desires, wiping out any whom refuse to bend to their will absolutely.